CognitiVE and OpenBCI

As part of a different project in the Advanced Manufacturing focus area, I set up an EEG sensing headset. I used the OpenBCI Cyton Board to interface the EEG sensors with a computer to collect data, and we 3D printed the Ultracortex Mark IV headset to hold the EEG sensors.

The group that I assisted is called CognitiVE, and the goal of their project is to use a combination of virtual reality simulations and brainwave sensing to determine the cognitive load of different manufacturing tasks. They want to use this information to create manufacturing processes that will be better for workers and improve work quality.

OpenBCI Ultracortex Mark IV 3D printed headset
OpenBCI Ultracortex Mark IV
A student wearing the EEG sensing headset and HTC Vive virtual reality headset to test the prototype
CognitiVE Prototype