Water Drop Photography

I recently got a small computer called a Raspberry Pi(shown in the picture above). The Raspberry Pi is around $25 and was made specifically to teach kids more about computers. My dad and I set up the Raspberry Pi. We want to use it to do water drop photography. We’re going to make a program that, when run by the Raspberry Pi, will drop one drop of water into a bucket of water, wait a moment, then drop another drop of water into the bucket. The first drop will bounce off the water in the bucket and hit the second drop of water. When the two drops hit, they will form a cool umbrella-like shape. At this time, a camera will be triggered and it will take a picture of the beautiful shape.

I’ll post updates whenever we make progress. Check back every few days to see how we’re doing!

Here’s a link to the website we got the idea to do water drop photography from: http://davidhunt.ie/?p=2770

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