Water Drop Photos

All of our pieces are put together and our programing works great! Today we took a bunch of water drop photos. The photo above is one of many photos we took. Here are some other ones we took.DSC_0218 DSC_0238DSC_0253DSC_0265

Now, I bet you’re wondering how we took these photos. Here are some pictures of the rig we made to take these amazing photos.




The first picture shows a bottle connected to the solenoid valve. The bottle is filled with water, and when the solenoid valve is opened, the water in the bottle goes through the solenoid valve and exits the solenoid valve. This process is similar to what a sink does. The next picture shows a camera and a bowl of water. Remember the infrared shutter release I was talking about in earlier posts? It’s connected to the Raspberry Pi, and it tells the camera exactly when to take a picture of the water drops. The bowl of water is what the first water drop bounces off of. If you look back at the water drop photos, you can see the bowl in the bottom of the picture. The last picture shows the whole rig hooked up and ready to go. See the little rooster-shaped thing holding the pipe onto the table? The infrared shutter release is taped to the bottom of it.

This is really cool. I took us a long time to get the programming just right so the drops and the camera did everything when they were supposed to. I hope you enjoyed looking at the cool pictures we took. I’ll put up photos of things other than just water soon.



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